Q: Why do some start-ups succeed and others fail?

All entrepreneurs start with a vision. Often, the difference between success and failure is the ability to execute on that vision. Analyzing the market, having a sound business model, and building a strong management team are all critical elements.

The best chance for success comes when big innovations are backed up with smart, informed decisions, solid financing, and strong partnerships. We find we can help entrepreneurs and companies understand where the risks are and build plans to manage and overcome them. We help entrepreneurs act on their visions.

- Audrey Roth,
Principal, Convergent GC
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Forget the phrase "That won't work"  

Risk is not a four-letter word.  


Risk is the price of admission for the opportunity to work in new ways and achieve ambitious goals. That's how you think, and that's how we

At Convergent GC, we understand the entrepreneurial mindset because we are entrepreneurs ourselves. Our business model is like a classic disruptive technology, a new way to look at a very old business. When your attorney shares your sense of possibility, everything changes. Your business moves with greater speed, perspective and assurance. Creative alternatives get the attention they deserve. Doors appear where walls once stood.

At Convergent GC, we'll help you manage risk, take advantage of innovative options and move more quickly.


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