Q: Is a general counsel really necessary?

Imagine creating and running a complex business without involving the CFO in important decisions. Operating without a general counsel is similar - it would leave the legal perspective out of critical discussions and decisions. Effective in-house counsel anticipates issues and integrates best practices into operations, preventing costly clean-ups later.

The Convergent GC model makes it affordable to add a senior level attorney to the management team early in the lifecycle of a business when so many critical decisions are made.

- Audrey Roth,
Principal, Convergent GC
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As your General Counsel  

We know your industry  
and speak your language.  


Convergent GC brings the insight and experience of senior level attorneys to your management team. We provide new perspective in strategy sessions. We protect your interests in important negotiations.
We're at your side as you make the critical decisions that define your
  • Business organization
  • Governance
  • Financing
  • Licensing
  • Contracts
  • Acquisitions
  • Employment

When your business needs patent, litigation or other specialized legal
guidance, we oversee and coordinate the work of outside counsel so the rest of the management team can stay focused on the operation of the business.

We bring you all of these capabilities in a business model that fits your business model.


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