Q: Why was a new model for legal services needed?

A: Unfortunately, at the time new companies most need expert legal guidance, they are least able to afford it. Neither hiring a full-time general counsel nor paying steep hourly rates is a feasible option. Entrepreneurs shouldn't be without sound advice because they can't afford the existing legal services model.

Convergent GC provides a compelling third option - a fully committed but part-time general counsel. Our loyalty is to your business, not the clock. So you'll never again have to weigh the importance of a legal question against the bill you'll receive with the answer.

- Audrey Roth,
Principal, Convergent GC
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Stop the meter  

Senior level guidance  
without the relentless hourly billing.


When you need legal input, our meter does not start running at
$400-500 per hour. In fact, we don't even have a meter.

At Convergent GC, we deliver legal services to technology and life sciences clients in a fresh new way. Our focus is not on billing hours,
but on building your business.

We serve as your general counsel, fully immersed in the strategy, financing and operations of your new venture. But because you need us on less than a full-time basis, you save tens of thousands of dollars
each year.

If you need us half the time, that's what you pay for. No hourly rates. No timed phone calls. No fees for faxes.


Are you ready to stop the meter? Contact us.